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  • Raheem Nelson

Skyzoo at The Sultan Room (Brooklyn)

I've been following Skyzoo since he dropped his debut album, The Salvation back in 2009. Skyzoo embodies everything that I look for in an MC. Storytelling, lyricism and amazing concepts. Months ago after he released The Mind of A Saint I had the opportunity to interview him on the intricacies of this concept album. For the uninformed (TMOAS) is an album where Skyzoo raps from the perspective of fictional drug kingpin, Franklin Saint from Snowfall on FX. Sky performed cuts from this album and his earlier works at The Sultan Room in New York City. What I enjoy about seeing live shows in general is getting to connect with the artist in person and to feel their energy. Skyzoo came out to the sounds of a live band and it was just incredible. It was very reminiscent of his set at The Blue Note Jazz club a few years ago. The Sultan Room is a small, intimate venue so the performance was even more powerful. (Blog post write up is about a concert from September 18th, 2023. Photos taken by Raheem Nelson)

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