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Meet the Team

Rahisha Bivens, Founder and CEO


Rahisha Bivens has been a part of the Connecticut Art Scene for over 8 years.  She got her start in the Ct creative arts scene when she began modeling locally in fashion shows and for local designers.  Upon, realizing the she wanted to help create the vision of fashion, she began pursuing a career as a fashion stylist and gained much success across the state of CT. She was quickly asked to host shows around CT and added that to her title as well.  A year later, she also realized the connection between fashion and marketing and she started her own fashion media and marketing company to empower artists of all genres to have visibility and make a living from what they do. She started No Starving Artist to help empower artists to make a living off what they do.  Having been a part of the arts scene in CT she realized that one thing had been missing and that is people outside of CT knowing and respecting what artists do here.  She started No Starving Artist to create a platform, community and world where every artist thrives and makes a living off what they do.  Rahisha enjoys, photography, creative directing, producing film and media projects and she also has n mics, she managed the career of her daughter Desiree Robinson, who is a beautiful, sultry and gifted singer.  She currently lives in West Haven, y the each with her husband & best friend.

Thomas Lore, Chief Technology Officer


Thomas Lore is a website and application developer with 12 plus years of experience working for two Fortune 500 brands, Aetna and Amazon. He has two Master's degrees. One in Internet Engineering and the other an MBA. This experience and background enables him to not just create a web presence for your business but to make sure your business operates at optimal efficiency on all levels. His commitment is that every organization and individual who wants/needs a website gets one. In his downtime, Thomas is a 5-time (and counting) marathon runner, and has begun to perform stand-up comedy at open mic events. He is presently engaged to his beautiful fiance, S'Koyah.

Raheem Nelson, Art Director


Raheem Nelson is an artist based in New Haven, CT. He went to the School of Visual Arts and completed  his education with a BFA in Cartooning. Raheem has a background in illustration, oil painting and digital painting. He has worked with Apple, Sony and many other influential brands. The art that he creates has taken him to New York, New Orleans, Paris, Havana and many more places around the world. He enjoys capturing the essence of people's souls through photography with his beautiful partner. Rahisha and Raheem hone their skills by covering various  events and he works passionately to create and curate amazing and engaging content for No Starving Artists.

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