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A Conversation with Derrick Brownie (@thedrk_knight)

Raheem: How did you get into photography?

Derrick: My interest came from reading GQ magazines growing up and seeing the cover photos.

Raheem: What inspires you to dress well?

Derrick: The philosophy of when you look good, you feel good.

Raheem: How long have you been taking your own photos?

Derrick: Since 2016.

Raheem: Where are some of your favorite places to shoot and why?

Derrick: New York (for now). I appreciate the urban jungle and lifestyle of living in a big city.

Raheem: So, your handle @thedrk_knight is a Batman reference. What are your favorite interpretations of Batman in the comics/movies?

Derrick: My favorite Batman film is The Batman (2022), but it's a close tie with The Dark Knight. The 2022 film, to me, is the most comic-accurate version of a Batman we've ever experienced on film.

Raheem: To me you shoot buildings like they’re characters in a film. How do you capture unique angles in your work?

Derrick: It's funny you reference film because that is what I get my inspiration from. During a scene, I will take mental notes of an angle that I like and try to replicate it in my own way.

Raheem: What are your favorite movies?

Derrick: Back when I did more movie reviews, I was asked this question a lot so I created an Instagram highlight on my account. Which I need to update by the way. But, this is the list of my current favorites:

10. X-Men Days of Futures Past

9. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

8. Chef

7. Clue (1985)

6. Parasite

5. Oceans Twelve

4. Skyfall

3. The Dark Knight

2. The Batman

1. Inception

Raheem: What about fashion inspires you?

Derrick: The idea is that you can express yourself to the world and connect with other like-minded people. I don't think that answers your question but that ideology inspires and keeps me interested in fashion.

Raheem: What are your aspirations as a creative?

Derrick: I want to work my way into commercial work and focus on creating a team.

Raheem: Where can people find you online?





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