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  • Rahisha Bivens

The All White Party ABFF

Last year, Raheem and I vowed that we would create a life aligned with our wildest dreams!! It wasn't that we were unhappy together in our marriage, it was simply that I realized inside of my participation in a transformational self-development program that I reviewed that I wasn't actively creating what I envisioned for my life. The moment of this realization was profound, what do I do to shift this? I simply picked up the phone, called my husband and articulated that I wanted a lifestyle of pure adventure and fulfillment! The moment that I acknowledged this, I new pathways opened up to go after what lights us up individually and as a union. I had talking to my husband for at least 2 years, about returning to Miami during tbe ABFF! This year, we made it happen.

The photos from the infamous annual white party was a dream come true! Although we didn't have many conversations this night, photographing the evening opened the portal to the connectedness and abundance we would experience in the next two days at ABFF!

We were on a mission to produce The Epic Networking Party (an affiliate company) in Miami!! And causing this networking event in 2 days became our mission.

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