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  • Rahisha Bivens

Witt Lowry At Toad's Place-New Haven's Iconic Venue For Concerts

Macklemore, meets Kid Cudi. Heartfelt and edgy like Eminem. I discovered Witt Lowry while doing a search for concerts in CT! I was captivated by his heartfelt emotional songs, expressing, his triumph over hardship and pain. I immediately found one of his songs called ghost, that echoed a Kid Cudi track New Mode on Intergalactic and I knew my daughter would love it! My daughter Desi was in town for Spring Break and I wanted to give her an incredible experience for having such a transformative basketball

season at Emmanuel College!

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and discovering that Witt Lowrly was from CT,and moved to California to follow his dreams!

Never Be Afraid To Get Started on The Pathway to your dreams!

Photos & Blog By Rahisha Bivens For No Starving Artist

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