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  • Raheem Nelson

Beyond South Beach: Exploring Wynwood

Rahisha and I spent our second honeymoon in beautiful Miami. One of the areas that we both were excited about was Wynwood. Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami known for its art scene and gorgeous murals. It's home to Wynwood Walls which is an outdoor museum featuring works from world famous street artists. This was my first time visiting Miami and my wife's second time. Her experience was primarily spent on South Beach so exploring Wynwood so this was a great opportunity for the both of us as creative people. As an artist myself I have had experience creating murals in groups and individually. My two favorites were one I created in New Orleans and another for The Shops at Yale. We were staying in Little Havana at an Airbnb so we grabbed a rideshare to head over. My initial thoughts were on the beautiful, vibrant colors spread all over the murals. I had never seen anything like it.

There was also an open air marketplace that housed many artisans, wares, bars and restaurants. Rahisha and I met a couple at one of the stands while walking around the Wynwood Market. She sold jewelry and he was a painter. Interestingly enough we went to the same college (years before me) which was the School of Visual Arts. His work was featured in Paris and New York and he specialized in portraits and now abstract art. All in all Wynwood was envigorating and we can't wait to go back.

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