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  • Raheem Nelson

A Conversation with Master Blue Sama

Ra: How did you get your start in music? 

Blue: Music always been an interest of mine hearing local rappers around the town when I was like 4-5years old (s/o hidef ) I made my first song myself with a friend with laptop and headphones with mic attached in 7th grade

Ra: Tell me about your single, On God. What do you want people to take from it? 

Blue: When I write anything it’s based on the thing I went/am going through . For someone like me having a terrible love life Id rather focus on something like money. “If it’s love or the money it’s the latter” and to the women of my terrible love life will have no choice but to remember me through the speakers of where ever they play Masterbluesama.

Ra: How did you plan and shoot the music video? 

Blue: The music video was super dope it took about a month and a half to shoot (s/o to Lorenzo) and edit with multiple day shootings. First day we shot the scenes outside my current crib then after went to Edgewood ave, New Haven where most of my childhood and most fond memories were spent. Second day of shooting was at a low key spot but we threw a party hosted by kinfolk of New Haven and shot the rest there.

Ra: What inspires your music? 

Sounds/vibes inspire my music frequencies of all ranges . Music in general is therapeutic for me so I always write a story of something I went through. A lot of local artists on their grind is also inspiring. But always wanting to get better or make more music really fuels me more than anything ! I’m going to be an A-List Artist.

Ra: What’s your process like? 

Blue: I listen to mostly only my music prolly 90% me/7% other ct artists/ 3%radio. I constantly almost every second possible listen back to my mixes for my song. My engineer @Dregoddregod always does a great job on them. But I do that so I can notice the super tiny flows in my words how I say them how should I add or do better next time.

Ra: What do you have coming up? 

Blue: Starting my showcases back up in august you can stay tuned by following me on Instagram. I have a new project coming out for this year and a short film in the works called “This Ain’t HighSkool” real excited about that but right now this second is music mode . I’ll be dropping my challenge to Kaeli Roselle’s STG this week!

Ra: How do people find your music? 

Blue: Find it on all platforms, YouTube I’ll be doing a lot of content with my music too! Be sure to subscribe to “Masterbluesama” and follow on Instagram @masterbluesama

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