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Little Robots Episode 1: The Invite

My name is Raheem Nelson and I’m Creative Director at No Starving Artists. One of the loves of my life is creating comic books. This series, Little Robots is near and dear to my heart. I created it originally in 2012 and it has gone through many versions of the years. I was inspired by Peanuts, The Boondocks and my love of Japanese anime to create a series that’s drama, comedy and satire. This revamp of the comic is focused on the birth and development of my relationship with my fiancée, Rahisha (founder and CEO of No Starving Artists) and our many friends and family that are important to us in our lives. A relationship is typically built threw a community. A community of people that help the couple accept each other through all the phases of the relationship and through the inevitable challenges that it takes to build a long lasting love. Contrary to popular belief, a long lasting loving relationship is never built in a vacuum of isolation. It is a community creation. This is our story. 

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