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Interview with @PUNODOSTRES: Founder of ILOVECREATIVES

We are excited to share our newest interview on the blog conducted by our creative director, Raheem Nelson. Raheem met Puno, while doing his amazing day job as a graphic recorder for ImageThink.

Puno (who founded @ilovecreatives) told us what inspires her, how she uses Instagram for her platforms and her favorite hotspots in Los Angeles.  

Raheem: What was your first impression of Instagram compared to now?

Puno: I used to think that Instagram was just another app, but it wasn't until I talked about it to people IRL that I saw how much potential there was. Now, you have the ability to tap into 1 billion people. That's nuts! I also think it's a place for self-expression.

Raheem: Can you tell me about your brands and what you’re out to accomplish? 

Puno: I'm the Founder of, a digital creative community. My main goal is to help creatives get to the next step. Sometimes it's just giving a place for people to put themselves out there and sometimes it's helping them level up their skills. At the end of the day, if we've helped you feel like you can do it, then I'm pretty happy.

Raheem: How did you get involved in How Design Live 2019? 

Puno: My very very good friend Andrew, Founder of the Dieline

Raheem: What do you enjoy about Los Angeles? What are some of your go to spots? 

Puno: I love the energy. People come to Los Angeles because they want to be in proximity to more opportunities, but they also enjoy the sunshine. It's a healthy balance for me.

I live in DTLA and that's typically where you'll find me. Grand Central Market, Sonora Town, Flower Market... there's a lot going on over here. 

Raheem: During your talk you described Instagram as the biggest conference ever. What do you think could be accomplished if more creatives used the platform like that? 

Puno: I think people wouldn't feel so alone. Connecting with other people gives you exposure to things you can't even think of. 

Plus, when you think of Instagram like a conference vs. a place where you have to market yourself, you come across more genuine and curious.

Raheem: What are some tips you would give to someone looking to make a difference on Instagram with their engagement and following?

Puno: Please follow non-profits and organizations that you care about. Share their stories in your Instagram Stories. They typically have the hardest time marketing their services and that's where you can come in! 

Raheem: Was there a one moment when you absolutely knew you wanted to have a creative career? 

Puno: No, lol. Not really? I think my interests naturally just led me to what I thought would be fun (and those things change). What helped me a lot was relentlessly learning and getting those hard skills refined (eg, learning all the tools and creating solid spec work). 

Raheem: How can our readers connect with you?

Puno: On instagram @punodostres or my website :)

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