Born in New Haven, CT and raised in various cities spanning the east coast, Taylor Williams has gained exposure to many of America’s music scenes throughout her life. This exposure birthed an intense love and appreciation for music from a young age, and lead to a desire to share the magic of music with others. She contributes content to No Starving Artists, and runs a biography writing and press kit service for musicians and other artists. Although currently based in Los Angeles, she remains focused on connecting with musicians all over the United States. Are you an emerging artist who wants to be featured or interviewed on No Starving Artist. Contact us at to be featured.

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Musical Intervention

Several weeks ago. We went to musical intervention. Musical intervention is a space where people from all walks of life and age groups come to perform, bare their hearts minds and souls. My daughter Desi was invited to go and perform by two of her new friends who she’ll be attending ECA with. Although, by the time she got there her friends had left, she still had the courage to sign up and get on the list. Desi sang two songs and we stayed around to Network and build relationships. At the end, people asked her name and gave her a round of applause for her performance. We met bands, groups and people who had connected at Musical Intervention and formed partnerships. Everyone had their n

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