Born in New Haven, CT and raised in various cities spanning the east coast, Taylor Williams has gained exposure to many of America’s music scenes throughout her life. This exposure birthed an intense love and appreciation for music from a young age, and lead to a desire to share the magic of music with others. She contributes content to No Starving Artists, and runs a biography writing and press kit service for musicians and other artists. Although currently based in Los Angeles, she remains focused on connecting with musicians all over the United States. Are you an emerging artist who wants to be featured or interviewed on No Starving Artist. Contact us at to be featured.

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A Conversation with @3NGLMN

3NGLMN As one would imagine, when I moved to Los Angeles I met many talented, hardworking artists that were in the city pursuing their dreams. One of those artists was 3NGLMN (pronounced “Engleman”), who I met at a hostel in Hollywood. He is a producer, DJ and engineer from Austin, Texas who has an undeniable passion for music, and is fully committed to pursuing his music career. We sat down and spoke about an array of topics, including #VanLife, patience, networking, and his move to Los Angeles. Taylor: When did you know you wanted to make music for a living? 3NGLMN: Before going to college I knew I wanted to be a music producer. That's kind of what I went to college for. I took music marke

Interview with @PUNODOSTRES: Founder of ILOVECREATIVES

We are excited to share our newest interview on the blog conducted by our creative director, Raheem Nelson. Raheem met Puno, while doing his amazing day job as a graphic recorder for ImageThink. Puno (who founded @ilovecreatives) told us what inspires her, how she uses Instagram for her platforms and her favorite hotspots in Los Angeles. Raheem: What was your first impression of Instagram compared to now? Puno: I used to think that Instagram was just another app, but it wasn't until I talked about it to people IRL that I saw how much potential there was. Now, you have the ability to tap into 1 billion people. That's nuts! I also think it's a place for self-expression. Raheem: Can you tell me

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